Construction of sections A and G Millennium State - completed!

Building residential complexes, the R-building company sets a goal: to be consistent and responsible to investors and residents of the complexes. That is why we want to report and talk about our achievements recently.

Quarantine did not become an excuse for stopping construction or postponing the deadline for sections A and G! Work in these sections has been completed and the process of transferring keys to apartment owners has already begun.

In parallel with the construction of the residential complex, we also engaged in the implementation of a number of various social projects that already serve the comfort of residents, namely: the construction of a new school building, a boulevard on the street. Nazaria Yaremchuk, water deferrization stations and the like. In addition, active work was carried out to improve the territory.

By the way, there are few free apartments left in these sections! Therefore, have time to purchase your own housing at an affordable price!

Our investors can be sure that they will receive the long-awaited housing!

R-building company - builds solid walls and transparent relationships!

June 5, 2020
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