Buying a home in a new building: how to choose the right one and what you need to pay attention

Buying a home is a responsible and thoughtful step that requires significant financial investment and a balanced assessment of all the nuances. Do not buy an apartment thoughtlessly and spontaneously. When buying a home, it is important to choose a district, proximity to the shopping center, metro, how the infrastructure and transport interchange are developed, even the view from the window also matters. How to find housing that will meet all your requirements? Let's figure it out!

The main question is the primary or secondary market?

Of course, an apartment in a new building is a more comfortable and profitable option than the same apartment in the secondary market. Here are some of the advantages of new buildings:

Unfortunately, aftermarket housing cannot boast of these benefits. But, probably, the main disadvantage of such housing is the high prices and the need to make the full amount at once.

But even choosing a primary market apartment is also not easy. Let’s now find out how to choose an apartment in a new building and what you need to pay attention to in order for the long-awaited purchase to bring you positive emotions.

The choice of the area in which it is better to buy an apartment.

Probably the first thing you should pay attention to is the choice of the area.

Kiev is a big enough and noisy city. Most offices, shops and shopping centers are located in the city center. Due to the high level of exhaust, noise, dirty air, a fashion passed when it was prestigious to have housing in the center of Kiev. That is why a fairly large part of people buy housing in the suburbs of Kiev. Experts confirm that the demand for real estate in such cities as: Irpin, Bucha, Gostomel, Vorzel has grown significantly.

These small cities were considered resort areas, so the ecology is much better here. Pine forest, parks, lakes - all this contributes to a comfortable life for citizens.

Another plus of country life is its proximity to the capital. The distance from Bucha to Kiev is 17 kilometers, and public transport runs regularly to the metro stations Akademgorodok, Svyatoshino and Heroes of the Dnieper.

The average cost per square meter of metropolitan houses in 2019 was from 16,200 UAH / m² to 23,300 UAH / m², while in the suburbs from 9,100 UAH / m² up to 13 200 UAH / m². In addition, the quality of housing in the suburbs often benefits from the capital.

The next important point is the availability of infrastructure.

Before you buy an apartment, pay attention to what infrastructure is next to the house. Can you send your child to school or kindergarten near the house? Are the clinic and hospital far? Are there any nearby shops, markets, fitness rooms, beauty salons and other social institutions? What about parking, playgrounds and sports grounds or parks? This is all very important, and will affect your future comfort or lack thereof.

Choose the most suitable construction technology for you.

There are three options for building a house: a 

Choose the layout of the apartment that suits you.

The next step is to choose the layout of the apartment.

Today, developers offer investors a wide selection of floor plans. In addition, modern layouts have very original solutions: panoramic windows, beveled walls, several loggias and so on. When choosing a home, it is important to consider the individual needs of your family: lifestyle, the number of people who will live in the apartment, habits, and so on. However, what you should pay attention to: the

Determine the level of reliability of your developer.

Reliability of the developer is the next step before buying an apartment. If you have already decided on the area, housing complex, have chosen the layout and are ready to buy an apartment - do not rush, learn more about the developer, his company and reputation.

It’s best to start by exploring the site of a construction company. Find out how long this construction company has been on the market, look at houses that have already been commissioned, read reviews from residents and comments on social networks, blogs or forums.

Be sure to go to the sales department. Managers will be able to tell you what is included in the price per square meter, what is the deadline for putting the house in, what communications have already been announced and when will you be able to receive documents for housing.

It will also be very right to go to the construction site. You will be able to really appreciate the scale of the construction, weigh the words of the builder and the promise, make sure your choice is correct.

When buying a home, the developer must show you the documents on legal construction, all land permits, the project of the residential complex and its expertise, a license for construction work and technical conditions for connecting to communications.

Be sure to check whether the developer is in the center of the scandal and whether it is on the verge of bankruptcy - these are all measures for your future peace and security.

How to conclude a contract?

You have made an important decision and are ready to conclude a contract. First, carefully read its contents. The following items must be in the: the

If you do not know how to properly check the reliability of your developer, we advise you to contact a lawyer for help.

May 6, 2020
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