We provide long-term installment for apartments in the residential complex Millennium State.

Looking for a large apartment in Bucha and choosing the most profitable investment option? Do not miss the best offer from the developer of the residential complex Millennium State - buy a ready-made three-room apartment immediately before commissioning with installments up to 40 months. 

We are talking about apartments in the residential complex Millennium State (in sections B and C), which will soon be commissioned. Why right now and precisely these apartments is a profitable investment option? 

What are you getting? Already finished apartment, under redecoration. Already functioning communications. Long-term installments - more than 3 years. Real tangible savings - about 100 thousand UAH.

Therefore, we advise you not to hesitate with the decision, because the offer is valid only before putting the house into operation! We in the sales department are waiting for you!More information about this offer can be found on the website of the Millennium State.

October 25, 2019
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