The construction of the Millennium State, 07.05.19

New photo report on the state of construction of the Millennium State.

By 07.05.2019

In Section A

  1. Brick masonry of 7th floor and installation of windows of 5th floor are continued.

In Section B

  1. Corridors are cleaned up.
  2. Painting of staircase marches is making now.
  3. Connection of the water measuring is carried out.

In Section B

  1. Working of the facade with decorative plaster has been finished.
  2. Cleaning of corridors is carried out.
  3. Painting of staircase marches is continued.
  4. The connection of the water measuring unit has begun.

Planting of trees and shrubs in the area of construction in sections B and B is began: landscaping, arrangement of curbs and laying of sidewalk tiles.

In Section G

  1. Installation of windows of 5th floor windows is finished.
  2. A parquet floor masonry was started.
  3. The masonry of inter-apartment and interroom bulkheads is carried out on the 10th and 11th floors.
  4. A finishing stucco of 6 floors is carried out.
  5. An internal wiring of electricity and plumbing started.

In Section D

  1. The brick masonry of the 3rd floor and internal partitions are continues.

In Section 4D

  1. Installation of blocks of FBS (walls of basement) is carried out.

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June 6, 2019
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