Hero of the day - Gaiduk Stanislav Pavlovich!

What is "good neighborliness"? For someone it is a legal term, and for a resident of LH "Millennium City" Hayduk Stanislav - a lifestyle wizard for all the hands that without hesitation is ready to help their comrades. Good things do not go unnoticed. So meet the hero of the day who joined the Bucha Comfort-Service team and helped to repair the children's play complex

We want to express our gratitude to Stanislav Pavlovich for his active position and indifference. Not only did you bring joy to the children, but you have become a true embodiment of good-neighborliness and an example for everyone.

We hope that a conscious and caring attitude towards our place of residence and those around us will be an ordinary matter for our inhabitants. For its part, the company R-building creates the best conditions for a friendly holiday and a comfortable life.

December 5, 2018
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