Construction progress Millennium State, 11/19/18

Watch the dynamics of building your city under the sun.
As of 11/19/18:

In Section A
1. The brickwork of the 7th floor and installation of interroom and interroom partitions continues.

In Section B
1. The final stage of arrangement of common areas, namely the painting of corridors.
2. Installation of panoramic windows of the commercial floor.
3. Warming of the facade is 100% complete.
4. The facade finishing works are being completed.
5. The dilution of the apartment gas network continues.
6. Started the device near the territory.

In Section B
1. Installation of protective visors for chimneys.
2. Interior decoration: cement-sand screed 10-11 floors and finishing plaster 11 floors, laying of ceramic granite tiles in the corridors is completed.
3. Installation of entrance doors in the apartments of this section.
4. The distribution of the water supply system is already 10 floors, Internet networks and intercom.
5. Warming and finishing of the facade is carried out at an active pace.

In Section G
1. Brickwork 7 floors.
2. Installation of interroom and interroom partitions continues.

In Section D
1. Installation of foundation blocks is being completed.

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December 5, 2018
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